Little Giant is 1984 Ranger that started life as a stock four wheel drive ranger in Florida with a 2.8 v-6 and a 5 speed.
Then it made its way to Michigan, and along the way it received an apprx 30 to 36 inch lift kit and axles out of a 1979 bronco which are a nine inch ford rear and a Dana 44 front.
Then Mad Man Racing INC. found the truck on craigs list for $1100, and now it is becoming a mini of the world famous Duraliner Giant, now know as Uncle Slam.
The first project was the floor boards. They were rusted out from the Florida sault water. Thanks to Sam Hall, who welded them in, they are better than new.
With our budget we decided to save the original paint by extensive wheeling and polishing. The paint came back to life with a beautiful shine.
Then we took off the hood to wheel it out and tape off the hood scopes for paint.
The first thing that was painted was the hood scoops. then we fixed the small rust spot on the front of the hood.
Then our panter proceded to paint Giant and the smaller sponsore logos that were on the orignal truck includung Grizzely Products and Dick Cepek.
Next to come where the flames that came out awsome. The flames have a blue out line that makes them look evan beter.
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